Sabin Jacques

Since Sabin Jacques began playing the accordion at age 14, his reputation grew non-stop: his multiple and diverse musical engagements made him a versatile and accomplished artist. Deeply influenced by such musicians as Simard, Bruneau, Labbé, Messervier and Montmarquette, he sought his originality in his unusual technique which gives him, as a left-handed player, a recognizable signature.

Sabin was soon invited to play for traditional dance troops; these collaborations offered him many opportunities to travel worldwide. Since age 20, he accompanied the ensembles les Gens de mon Pays, les Danseurs de la Vallée Saint Jean and les Éclusiers de Lachine in Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, France, England, Spain and Madagascar, where he took part in Les jeux de la Francophonie (1997), receiving a bronze medal. In 1995, he was featured as the Quebecois artist at the Montmagny Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon.

Originally from the beautiful Gaspé peninsula, Sabin made Montreal his home in 1992, in search for work in the electronics field. This greater musical community allowed him to make significant acquaintances with musicians in the popular and commercial music domain. His work with Acadian icon signer Edith Butler remains the most prolific: between 1993 and 2001 he played on two of her recordings and accompanied her on many tours. He was also heard alongside celebrated Hugues Aufray, as well as on recordings of Jean-Pierre Ferland, Ann-Victor and rap band Kid Fléo.

Despite these various musical adventures, including prime time television appearances (Gregory Charles's Mélomaniaques (2005) and Droit au coeur (2006)), Sabin remains profoundly attached to his traditional roots and regularly takes part in pedagogical projects, by teaching his heritage at home at l'école des Arts de la Veillée, and at summer camps such as Ashokan (NY), Pinewoods (MA), Augusta (WV), and others abroad. His teaching is said to be practical, uplifting and always inspiring.

Some of his more traditional recordings include Les pieds qui parlent (1994), Hommage à Alfred Montmarquette (1994), Domino I (1998), Michèle Choinière (2002), Domino Pris au Jeu (2004) and his latest: Raz-de-marée/Tidal Wave (2007), all of these putting a highlight on his stunning dexterity and musicianship while confirming his status as one of Quebec's leading master accordionists.


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