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Late last night, I was "Hand Selected" by Authorities here at the Mental Institution
to be TRANSFERRED to WARD 4!!!

As you know, being TRANSFERRED to WARD 4 is the Highest Honor a Mental Patient can receive!!!

It is tantamount to winning the "Pulitzer Prize"; the "Nobel Prize",
and the "Poopie Cup", ALL ON THE VERY SAME DAY!!!

Can you believe my good fortune!?!?!?

The actual "internal" staff memo (which I accidentally found while exploring Dr. Taylor's Briefcase)
said the following:

The Administration feels that it is in the Institutions best interest to transfer
Mr. Mental Patient to WARD 4 during the upcoming Holiday Break.
Not only will we be better able to prevent any escape attempts (such as last weeks "incident" in the attic), but might possibly put an end to the ongoing rash of missing items, both personal and office related, in WARD 3.
While in WARD 4, Mr. Mental Patients every move will be observed."

Did you read that last part!?!?

They are going to OBSERVE MY EVERY MOVE!!!

I am SO EXCITED I can hardly SIT STILL!!!

In fact, I am developing a NEW MOVE for them to OBSERVE as I type this!!!

What do you think of it!?

(This is just one of the many MOVES I hope to show observers while in Ward 4!)

Keep in mind that this "Move" is still in the "Development" stage.
I shall call it my "Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Tee-A" Move!!!
I hope they will like it!!!

I REALLY want to impress the Medical Staff in Prestigious WARD 4!!!!

Anyhow, as a result of my imminent Transfer to the Highly Acclaimed WARD 4 for the Holidays, I don't expect to be able to update my website quite as frequently in the next couple of weeks.


If you FAINT, you will not be able to place any BIDS on my website, and that would be a shame for both you AND the economy!!!

Also, continue to buy my Unique and Original Toothcrafted Mugs!!!

I will check ALL BIDS the MOMENT I return!!!!

To all of you who have outstanding bids that I have promised to list,
or are owed poems, I apologize.

Here is a special "MOVE" I have developed to make it up to you!!!

I call this my "Sorry to Disappoint you" Move!!

I hope you like it.
Perhaps I will use it in WARD 4 as well!

Do not despair! Everything will be posted very soon!



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last revised December 19 2000