(past and present)

Analytic, Objective, Intellectual, Historic and Cultural Studies of the State of the Arab Nation and the causes of it's downfall in the XXth. Century.


Well, there is a large number and impressive host of reasons, that inspired me to write this new kind of book; new by its style and dialogic approach, by its language, by its multiple subjects, by its argumentation, its references, and finally the most important one of all ... by its "GOAL".

Looking at our world today, any conscious human being, after listening to the news coming from every corner of the globe and watching the most horrifying and frightening scenes the human race has ever experienced, an honest observer or historian or researcher, and I tell you here that you don't have to go out to learn about those crimes committed against humanity, their pictures can invade your home and reach you in your bedroom.

It became obvious to the observer that the slogan we hear often "CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY" gives deaf ear and suffers from paralysis when it comes to the well-being of the arabs and muslims of our time!

So, you don't hear the usual "OUTCRY", and "OUTRAGEOUS COMPLAINTS" and the familiar "STRONG CONDEMNATIONS" and "DENOUNCEMENTS" and calling for a "■SWIFT" and "PROMPT PUNITIVE ACTION" and "RETALIATION" against the agressor.

We see that the whole world is unable to do anything for those innocent women and children massacred or des-membered to be sold or deported from their own - burnt to the ground - homes, villages and cities.

Burnt at the hands of mercenaries and war criminals supported by the unjust UN resolutions against simple people, living in a small and peaceful nation, which constitutes no threat or danger to anyone on our planet, yet we see the UN has and still is prohibiting them from self-defense, while the aggressor gets training and receives modern arms supplied by the new POOR and NEEDY state of Russia.

Today, we still see the aggressor committing his ugly crimes, under the blanket and the cover of the UN and before the eyes of its troops, who went there pretending to protect the defenseless and unarmed civilians dumped in concentration camps and enclaves at the mercy of the aggressor, who chooses to inflict on them, at will, whatever he pleases.

Even worse, we saw the aggressor attacking and arresting and disarming UN troops, and these actions are tolerated by the UN who gives explanations and justifications for inaction.

We all know, with much details, of what they call now-a-days " Ethnic Cleansing" and "Mass Graves" filled with tens of thousands of men, women and children killed with their hands tied, after being driven out of their cities, villages and towns. Ironically those cities and towns were declared "SAFE HAVEN !" by the controversial standard of UN General Assembly and its Security Counsel! and guarded by the UN troops under the blue flag.

Facing these daily events, The observer must wonder !

Why ?

How could this happen ?

Why is this allowed to continue for years? exactly in the same way as we have witnessed during the last decade!

This is truly the "DEGREDATION and theDISGRACE of THE HUMAN RACE". This proves that this race has plunged to the lowest level ever reached - I say this, surely, because we learned from the past that masacres have taken place all along the human history, but SEEN, WATCHED and TOLERATED and LOOSELY INTERPRETED by every irresponsible observer as we witness today, this is NEW to our generation.

We don't know of any precedent to this horrible situation, which has established a new standard for the method of treatment of small nations from now on. Today, none of us should wonder any longer why they broke us into a large number of small nations with carefully designed borders around various ethnic entities.

One day, on the PBS TV Station, during a round table discussion on Bosnia, after showing some of the ugly and horrifying scenes, one participant has predicted the same and worse for the muslim republics in the former Soviet Union by saying: " What will happen there will make what you see in Bosnia today look like "child's play" !!!.

The one who looks at the world map and examines the muslim countries and their minorities spread all over the planet must wonder how could that misery ever happen to them? knowing that by their total number of population reaching soon one and a half Billion, they will represent the largest single ideological nation on earth.

There must be a good reason behind all of that.

It is obvious that something must be wrong with this nation!

But what is it?

To find an answer to this very logical and valid question, the analyst must, perhaps, look for symptoms and diseases in those societies, which should not be overlooked or dismissed by any honest researcher or scientist.

This endeavour would be possible, only after a firm commitment of a good and deep understanding of the reasons and the roots behind this new tragic and desperate situation of suffering and humiliation.

Therefore, I tried to analyze all possible factors and elements, in my view, that have brought this nation to its knees.

You wouldn't be surprised if I told you that I found the problems reside in the individual muslim or arab himself, and he is the core of the problem...


Well, Muslims are used to think that turning their backs to Islam made them lose every battle with their enemy!

Also, they say: modern colonization with its mighty political, military and economic powers has overcome every bit of their resistance and courage.

Some went even further to say that colonization seems to have succeeded to change our perception of life, and made us loose our personalities, and consequently transformed them into people without hope or goal.

Some still blame the Ottoman Empire for this downfall in this century.

May be one or more of the above can have some truth!

But, seeking the right answer toward the understanding of this situation, the researcher must deploy tremdendous efforts and try to dive very deep to bring to the surface the hidden and unknown puzzles, that must be collected and put together, in order to see the full and clear picture, then and only then, he/she can draw the conclusion from his/her studies.

But let's start with a new look at the individual arab or muslim today, and examine his way of thinking and his perception of the events surrounding him in this last decade of the 20th. Century, while the great powers and the small nations are swimming together in the stream toward achieving the dream of a "New World Order" by the turn of this century.

The individual we are talking about has lost direction, he also lost the sense of responsibility.

He became so confused between dreams of a better and peacefull way of life and the harsh and bitter reality.

He has no courage to face what he should be up to, in order to understand how and why other nations look at him the way they do.

Briefly, the author sees problems in the personality of this individual, everywhere from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf, even abroad where he moved to escape only to find himself rejected again by new societies.

I am going to enumerate some of those symptoms I found in the behaviour of that individual:

Briefly, he has developed a passive attitude toward any major question urging him to answer, or to take a decent position.

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