Laser DI-100 Floppy Disk Controller

Image: Top view of DI-100

This is the Laser DI-100 Floppy Disk Controller. It plugs into the "system bus" at the back of the Laser 3000, and supports two Apple-compatible disk drives, such as the Disk ][ or Laser's own FD-100. The device works as if plugged into slot 6 of an Apple ][-series machine. Of course, unlike a real Apple, it's not possible to put more disk controllers in other slots.

Image: Drive connectors on DI-100

The two floppy drive connectors match the connectors used with real Apple disk controllers and Disk ][ drives, except that they are keyed.

Disk ][ drives don't have keyed connectors, so it is possible to plug them in the wrong way, but Laser's FD-100 drive has a keyed connector which will only plug in with the correct orientation.

The Laser 3000 with DI-100 Floppy Disk Controller isn't fully compatible with Apple software. Some third-party versions of DOS refuse to boot on the Laser 3000 with the L3K's built-in BASIC or with the FP BASIC cartridge plugged in. Most software runs flawlessly, however, so the DI-100 turns the Laser 3000 into a credible Apple clone. It sure beats loading everything from cassette!

Image: Laser 3000 with carts plugged in

This image shows the Laser 3000 with both the DI-100 Floppy Disk Controller and the FP BASIC Cartridge plugged in. The DI-100 is plugged into the back of the machine, with the ribbon cable leading out of it and to the FD-100 disk drive (not pictured).

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