Laser 3000 Sound Commands

 (1-64)   (1-255)  (1-3)  (1-15)

This is really weird. Frequencies of 1-64 aren't very useful, and the damn BASIC waits for a note to end before it executes any other commands, so what's the point of having three voices? Unless there's a way of overriding this little stupidity, or perhaps compose complete tunes to be played somehow. One curious thing, though, is that if you turn on the machine and start playing with SOUND and never specify a volume, the notes keep playing forever and you really can get it to play from all its voices at once.

 (1-2)                   (1-4)

Two voices of NOISE? Cool! Just wish I could understand how to use them.

SOUND DEF(?????)

Heh. Wouldn't it be nice if this were either for defining actual waveforms or defining entire songs in 3-part harmony. Right now, it's for looking at when I press SHIFT-F2 (called "F10" in the function key definitions).


Hello SHIFT-F3 (a.k.a. F11).

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