Grandeur Maine Coons is located 15 minutes drive from the Toronto International Airport and only minutes away from the beautiful city of Toronto. We are also close to the New York (Niagara Falls & Buffalo) border. For those who are interested in visiting our beautiful city, here is a link with information on Toronto.


We have been showing and breeding purebred cats since 1987 and Maine Coons since 1993.


We love this breed and appreciate all the various colours Maine Coons come in. Maine Coons come in two tabby patterns - Classic (swirls) and Mackerel (tiger stripes). These are examples of the different colours we've produced over the years - Brown Classic Tabby, Brown Tabby/White, Brown Mackerel Tabby....some very vivid reds such as Red Classic Tabby, Red Mackerel Tabby. Here is a red tabby/white, as well,Brown Patched tabbies, Silver Patch tabbies. We also produce Silver Classic Tabby, Silver Classic Tabby/White,Silver Mackerel Tabby,and other related variations of silver including Red-Silver also referred to as Cameo, and Blue-Silver Tabbies. To broaden and add some variety to our program, we have introduced the solid gene including Solid White, Solid Black and Tortoiseshell/White. We have also introduced the Smoke gene. Here is an example of a Red-Smoke, a Cream-Smoke as well as Black Smoke and Tortiesmoke. Most of our cats carry the dilute gene, so we do produce Blue tabby and Cream tabby & Cream-Silver tabby on occasion.


We enjoy showing very much and our cats have done exceptionally well both domestically and internationally. We are very proud to own BEST and 2nd BEST Maine Coon in the Canadian Cat Association since 1998. We've had great success showing in CCA, BEST MAINE COON several times and numerous other awards, both National and Regional. Please be sure to visit our AWARDS page and view our past/current show winners.


As well, please make sure to visit our GIRLS and BOYS to meet our beautiful breeding cats. Don't forget to visit our KITTENS page for updates on current and upcoming litters. Our PHOTO gallery includes pictures of kittens/cats we have placed into pet homes, and show examples of the various colours we produce at Grandeur.


Please feel free to email us with any questions. We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.


You might have noticed our Scottish theme which has been incorporated into our website. We have used our family tartans & clan badges within the pages of our site. As well, you may notice the thistles on this page. The thistle is the National Emblem of Scotland, and here is small story explaining it's history.


"How, you may ask, did such a thorny flower become a national emblem? Well, so the story goes, a very long time ago when Scotland was ravaged by Viking invaders, a group of Scottish fighting men were resting overnight in a field."


"Unknown to them, a raiding party was preparing to attack this group of Scots, under cover of darkness. As the attacking Vikings approached the encamped Scots, they stood on a patch of Thistles with their barefeet and, of course, let out cries of pain as the thorns dug deep into the soles and toes. The Scots, having been awakened by this rammy, were able to fight off the attackers. So, from that day, the Thistle has been adopted as Scotland's National Emblem."


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